Hardware Explained


The following items have all been highlighted in our “DO YOU KNOW ABOUT” section, a place were we try to bring to your attention some of the more miss understood or overlooked bits all us modelers need. We thought it would be a good idea to list them here for your continued reference.

Du-Bro Water Proof Pushrod Exits. .This little bit has many uses, it’s intended to be used in boats as a waterproof seal for pushrods, however there are other uses.
1. How about installing one for the throttle pushrod. Frequently exhaust oil and fuel will work it’s way along the throttle linkage and back into the model.
2. Use them as a pushrod guide at the servo end. Simply fit them into a fuselage former running across the fuselage so that they align the pushrod with the servo output arm. They can prevent play in a linkage by preventing the pushrods from flexing.

Threaded Inserts. Made of brass, and available in 4-40, 6-32, 8-32 and 10-32 sizes. They have a coarse thread on the outside, and are threaded internally in one of the sizes listed.

They can be used for mounting engines, landing gear, floats and also for cowl hatch and canopt mounting points. They can be installed in balsa, ply, or hardwood simply by drrilling the appropriate sized hole and screwing them in with a coating of Epoxy, they cut there own thread, and give a very secoure mounting.


An extremely handy tool and not just for modeling.
It allows you to make very professional loop ends in wire for rigging.
It is also idea if your into fishing, making your own lures, wire trace rigs etc.
Also used in jewelry manufacture

Du-Bro Nichol Plated Steel Straps.

Ideal for attaching rigging wires and strut braces to fuselage and or wings. Yes, you can make your on, but for a couple of dollars you can have them ready made, and save yourself quite a bit of time.


A clever little item that slips onto the axle, and around the main undercarriage leg, to space the wheel away from the right angle bend in the axle. Using these you only need to use one wheel collar on the outside of the wheel. And you can get the wheel a little closer to the bend by using this item.


The feature of ball links is that they provide very smooth, and slop fee movement, something that we are trying to achieve in all linkages. They also allow the pushrod to operate at a greater angle than you can achieve using a conventional clevis. This set is designed to go onto strip ailerons, and to provide micro adjustment by using the threaded connectors. The ball fitting are clamped to the aileron horn wire and can be adjusted up and down to set the amount of travel you require.

Du-Bro Split Couplings.

Split couplers are designed to allow you to solder two pieces of wire together for pushrods, and rigging wires etc.

They are available in a couple of sizes to cover wire from .062 to .093″ in diameter. (1.5mm to 2.4mm)

Du-Bro E-zy Connectors

Available in a 3 main sizes, 2-56 fro standard models 4-40 for large diameter pushrods , and in the new Micro size for the small indoor park fly models, this is the ideal way to attach pushrods to your servo.

The easiest way to install is to remove the servo arm, place it on a piece of cork position the Ez connector over the hole you want to use and tap with a SMALL hammer. Then turn over and fit either of the two types of washers, again, seating with a tap from your hammer. I have used these fro years, and mostly use the plastic washer.

Du-Bro Replacemnet Split Pins


Intended as a replacement part fro the large Du-Bro hinges, these items also can be used for attaching closed loop lines to your servo, and for attaching rigging wires to models.


Put simply, your fuel can’t be to clean. The Du-Bro filter clunk aims to capture any foreign items well before it reaches your engine.


Are you sick of having your fuel tubing slide off the brass filler pipes on your tank ? I am, ( having filled the inside of my fuslage one time when the fuel line came off) These little items are great, you simply slip one ( or two) onto your brass fuel lick up and solder into place, thus giving your fuel tubing something to grip on. ( Yes, we dod say solder, you actually have to do some modeling in order to uses this item) Available for both 1/8″ and 5/32″ diameter brass tubing.


While on the subject of things not straight, here is another great Du-Bro item, well designed and well made. As a modeler you can just about guarantee you will need to do some bending of either wire or tubing. These tube benders will fork on brass, aluminum, or copper tubing. There are two models, one designed for 1/8″ and another for 5/32″ diameter tubing. (The 1/8′ is the most used by most modelers as it’s the diameter of tubing used for most fuel systems)



If your into small models, or need a small, compact adjustable pushrod end fitting here is just one of the mini sized item from Du-Bro. Available for both .032 & .047 sized wire, this item gives you the fine adjustment of the regular sized clevis in something much smaller.

Sullivan 4-40 Ball Links.

A very clever idea, the ball is held captive by the spring loaded socket. This prevents any chance of it vibrating out due to engine vibration or in the case of cars rough terrain. You can also use this little item as a very quick, and positive way of attaching wing struts and flying wires.