Neil Mobberley

Neil could be an asshole, but he was my friend.

Most of you reading this would not know Neil, he was a modeller in the true sense but not a known name. He was at one time a member of the Greensborough model aircraft club serving as either secretary or treasurer I think.

He was a very competent flyer, and a very good builder. He built a model called a “Sawdust” a small fast, 35” wingspan model from an English plan, it referred to it as highly aerobatic. The model was built as per plan, complete with a couple of small hatches and overly involved construction. Neil covered the wing in yellow silk, and finished the entire model in clear Esterpol No gaps, no filler, everything on show nothing hidden. (Asshole)

When finished three of us went out to fly it, Neil found it a real handful, barely controllable. As it got higher and further away we could only just see it so he put it into a spiral dive, and we took of across the paddocks to find the pieces. After about three hours searching, and the sun setting we eventually convinced him to give up and drive us home. It rained solidly all week 7.30am Saturday morning there’s a knock on the door, it’s Neil requesting that we go back out for another look. This time taking a new road still under construction, driving in from the other direction to save time. We drove as far as possible, got out and walked about 100 meters to find the wing of the Sawdust setting on top of the grass, and the fuselage in a puddle, no damage, just full of water.

We went back to his house and dried the model of with a hair drier, replaced the Rx batteries and the radio worked perfectly (Asshole)

On another occasion Neil arrived to help me to maiden a two-meter glider I had just finished. He found it hilarious that the wing got broken in half when the screen door closed on it as we were leaving the house (Asshole)

He also had a passion for motorbikes, and one day doing a “fast lap” on his Ducati around the Kew Boulevard, another rider passed him in red and black leathers on the same model bike. When he finally caught up to the rider at the traffic lights he introduced himself to Katrina, and for the next few months there was no more modelling. (Asshole)

We had planned a four day bushwalk, so on the Wednesday we arrived at Neil’s house to do the final packing, trimming any excess weight we could, the usual thing, cutting the handle of toothbrushes, shortening the aluminium tent pegs by two inches, removing wrapping and unnecessary labels etc. Anything to get the weight down, then distributing the items into the three packs and checking the weight.

At the end of the first day walk there’s a cry of expletives “Neil, you ###### @@#@@@ , @@ “ as the third member of our group opens his pack to find a six pack of VB cans, checking mine I find the same.

Neil thought that having us carry this extra “water” was him being helpful, after all if we got separated we just might be grateful for the extra supplies. (asshole)

Goodbye my friend.


T-28 Trojan BNF Basic 1.2m


Seagull DH Mosquito - Twin Engine for .46 Wingspan 80.0 in (203.2 cm)


something special !!

Black Horse


Seagull Model

PT-17 Stearman "Red Barron"

1.8mtr wingspan for 20cc engines ARF


HOG-BIPE 60/65 or 65/90 4C 54.5" SPAN

a great kit for the builder


SPACEWALKER 40/52 ENGINE SIZE wingspan 61"



Creates tiny surface perforations that absorb trapped air under the covering.