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Simple, single model memory, 6 channel radio system
2.4GHz operation avoids conflicts with other users
Pairs with aircraft, helicopters and quads that are pre-equipped with Hitec Red technology
Supplied complete with a small lightweight, 6 channel, full range receiver that's compatible with Hitec radios too.
Receiver compatible with all current Hitec air transmitters
Digital trims on all primary channels
Adjustable stick length and tension
Servo reversing on all primary channels
Swithced 5th and 6th channels
Delta mixing option
Transmitter carry handle and folding antenna
Hitec Red

Hitec Red technology is trusted by pilots worldwide to provide a supremely reliable and responsive radio link.

Incorporating Hitec's AFHSS (Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology, Hitec Red offers a simple, cost-effective solution for pilots looking to fly any model from the growing range of Hitec Red enabled aircraft from Ares.

Pair to fly with total confidence.


Pairs with: Hitec Red protocol
Channels: 6
Memory: Single model
Batteries: 4 x AA drycell or NiMH (not included)
Configurable: Adustable stick length and tension
Height: 200mm
Widdth: 182mm
Depth: 85mm
Weight: 466g
Needed to Complete:

4 x AA-size batteries for transmitter.
Suppliers Comments
The IKONNIK KA-6 is a full-range, 2.4GHz, 6-channel radio that's simple to use, yet offers all the basic features you need for sport models, park flyers and many quads on the market.

Better yet, because IKONNIK has licensed the use of Hitec's acclaimed bullet-proof radio link technology, you can save on the next Ares model by looking for the Hitec Red logo on the package to confirm that your new KA-6 can be used to fly Ares PTF (Pair to Fly) aircraft.

That's a combination that makes the KA-6 the perfect radio for cost-conscious pilots looking to quickly add to their fleet with the purchase of one of the growing number of Hitec Red-enabled aircraft coming from Ares.


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