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Graupner MX-20 12 channel HoTT Transmitter

12 control functions
Free assignment of all switches
24 model memories
7 switches/keys, including 2 3-stage-switches, 3 2-stage switches, 2 keys, 3 analogue switches already installed
Modes 1 to 4 are freely selectable
CAP-TOUCH key with key lock function to prevent unintentional operation
CAP-TOUCH display change from main menu to telemetry main menu using the ESC key
Numerous telemetry display, programming, and analysis functions directly in the transmitter display
Voice output can be called up via freely programmable switches
7 flight phases can be programmed
Extensive programmes for fixed-wing and helicopter models
Swashplate limiter
Voith-Schneider limiter, similar to a swashplate limiter (later after update)
Door Sequencer e.g. to automatically extend landing gear or operate flap drives with process control (later after update)
Servo travel adjustment/B>: can be set separately for all servo channels and for each final value
Sub-trim to set the neutral position of all servos
2-stage expo/dual-rate system, individually adjustable, can be switched during flight
Mixer functions Programmable failsafe function »Hold« or »Advance to pre-set positions« adjustable separately for each individual servo channel
Stop watches / countdown timers with alarm function
Model copy function for model memories
Suppliers Comments
Microcomputer remote control system with state-of-the-art 2.4 GHz Graupner HoTT technology
Bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver
5 different languages (German, English, French, later Italian, and Spanish) possible via software update. For availability of the respective language, see Download area.
Servo cycle times of 10ms can be selected for digital servos
Ultrafast response times through direct transmission of the data from the main processor to the 2.4-GHz transceiver with reliable transmission. No additional delays through detours via a module processor
Short aerial, foldable
Operation and programming based on the proven concepts of mc-19 to mc-24
A contrast-rich, blue-lit graphic display ensures perfect control of settings and parameters such as model type, model memory, clocks, and operating voltage


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