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Graupner Racing Micro Magic Carbon Edition

RC functions: Rudder adjustment, Sail adjustment
Foresheet trimming.
Length approx. 535 mm
Width aprox.: 180 mm
Total height approx. 980 mm
Total weight approx. 910 g
Sail area approx. 1450 cm

Deep-drawn ABS-parts for hull, deck, hood and 2-part keel mast
Lasered wooden parts for the interior finish and the stands
Rudder and keel fins made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic
Cast keel ballast
Various plastic injection-moulded parts
Carbon-fibre pipes for mast and booms
Ready sail-set made of light-orange ICAREX PC 31 material
Polyester cord
Wood strips
Small parts
RC functions: Rudder adjustment
Sail adjustment
Foresheet trimming.
Suppliers Comments
The Racing Micro Magic was developed with the help of advancements in the Micro Magic RC-Regatta scene and represents a version designed ex-factory for the ambitious Regatta-use.
Hull, deck, hood and keel mast are made of deep-drawn ABS and are CNC-machined.
In order to get an especially high stability, keel fins and rudder are sprayed with glass-fibre reinforced plastic.
The keel can be displaced by 5 mm along the longitudinal axis. This enables an optimum adjustment of the model to the prevailing conditions or according to the preferences of the skipper.
A low resistance arises because of the slightly reduced surfaces and the narrow profile thickness of the fins and of the rudder. Completely sewn sail-set made of technically active grey, water-repellent and light ICAREX PC31 sail material. Light, but stable rig made of CFK-pipes. In order to make the rig stable without cross-tree, the mast is designed as one-piece. The rig comprises of newly developed, high-quality and mounting-friendly plastic fitting parts.
Constructively a jib-trimm servo is provided, to be able to adjust the sail trim during the voyage.
In all, the friction in the complete sail adjustment was reduced thanks to the dual rudder-arm with 2 guide rollers.
Because of the high pre-fabrication the model can be built very quickly. Thanks to the ABS material in carbon-design and the decal sheet a painting is not always necessary. The racing MICRO MAGIC does not need any sail wind and thus is very economical.


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