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Spektrum DX4C DSMR 4Ch Surface Radio with SRS4210

DSMR 2.4GHz technology makes the radio frequency-agile
Comes with waterproof SRS4210 AVC receiver
Able to adjustment AVC steering and throttle assistance independently
You can use extra channels for other functions with standard receivers
Pre-set mixes and other transmitter programming features available
Antenna is integrated into the transmitter
20-model memory with ModelMatch technology
LCD screen
Comfortable transmitter grip
The new Spektrum DX4C surface radio is a great choice for Active Vehicle Control (AVC)-equipped RC vehicles. This programmable 2.4GHz radio comes with a Spektrum SRS4210 AVC receiver and is a great step-up from the Spektrum DX2L or DX3C radio. The included receiver offers the range and signal security of a 4-channel DSMR receiver with AVC Technology, in a single, compact, waterproof unit. As you drive, AVC can calcuate your vehicle's attitude multiple times per second and make instantaneous corrections to the steering and throttle. This allows you to stay precisely on the trajectory you require. You can adjust the steering and throttle stability with the transmitter to suit your skill level and driving skill. You will find that AVC feels completely natural, with no lag in response or limits on your control. Complete with an affordable price, the Spektrum DX4C is an excellent package for drivers. Order yours now.

Please note that, in accordance to club rules, AVC-equipped RC cars are not allowed to enter race meets. A conventional, non-gyro assisted receiver must be used.
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